Business going forward in 2021

Added: 20th February 2021

What another difficult year this is turning out to be!

After everything was cancelled in 2020, I was hoping for a full year of festivals and events but it seems that the wretched virus ha.... View Details

Updates for 2020

Added: 30th March 2020

Well, what a year this is turning out to be!

After sucessfully relocating in January and looking forward to a full year of festivals and shows, it seems this wretched virus has other idea.... View Details

Apologies and Updates

Added: 28th October 2018

Firstly, I must apologize to anyone who has been browsing my website. Up until this past week, it has been horribly out of date.

This is something I am addressing as we speak, so to say.<.... View Details

Now on Social Media!

Added: 24th February 2016

Check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Special Offer!

Added: 9th February 2016

Check out the special 3 for £10 offer on the Polka Dot Hearts!

Watch this space!

Added: 4th February 2016

Lots of new and exciting colours and designs coming soon!