Updates for 2020

Added: 30th March 2020

Well, what a year this is turning out to be!

After sucessfully relocating in January and looking forward to a full year of festivals and shows, it seems this wretched virus has other ideas.

All of the shows are now cancelled until much later in the year, some stock is in lockdown in storage where I left it until after the move - seemed like a sensible plan at the time, who knew?!

However, I am able to access a fairly wide range of stock and certainly the handcrafted items should be freely available, especially the soy wax scented candles and bath bombs which are also rocking a brand new lable design.

I am taking measures to ensure the safety of my customers and, as long as the post office remains operational, I am still happy to send out parcels.

In the meantime - Stay safe and healthy.