Keepsake Boxes

These boxes come in a variety of sizes starting with 14cm cube. They are painted in the shabby chic style and then decorated with typical French signage (16cm and larger), modern stencilling or 3d butterflies or stars.  They can be bespoke - personalised using names, dates and even photographs using image transfer to capture that special moment, something personal to treasure.

A fabulous way to store precious mementoes of a birth, a wedding, photographs, or the more mundane, such as CD’s and, as I know from personal experience, the large 20cm cube holds 2kg of dog biscuits!

Chalk board box

Chalk board Art Box

Art Box

Price: £33.99

Butterfly box

Keepsake boxes with 3D Decor

Shabby Chic box

Price from: £12.99

Mum box

'Mum' Heart Shaped Trinket Box

'MUM' Heart Shaped Wooden Trinket Box

Price: £10.50

Liberty Print Scottie

6cm Box with 3D decor

3D 6cm Boxes

Price: £2.85

Paris Box

9cm boxes - Various Designs

9cm boxes.

Price: £5.75

Cat Treat Box

Cat Treat Box

Price: £8.50

Dog Treats Box

Dog Treat or Biscuit Cube

Dog Treat or Biscuit Cube

Price from: £12.99

Fairy pirate chest

Fairy Pirate Chest

Fairy Chest

Price: £3.99

14cm box

Llama Boxes

Llama Boxes

Price from: £12.99

Mini Pirates Pirate chest

Mini Pirate Pirates Chest

Mini Pirate Chest

Price: £4.75

Unicorn Mini Pirate Chests

Mini Unicorn Pirate Chests

Unicorn Pirate Chests

Price: £4.75

Owl Trinket Boxes

Owl Trinket Box

Wooden Owl Trinket Box

Price: £4.99

Peacock box

Peacock Feather box

Peacock box

Price: £19.50

Pineapple box stack

Pineapple Boxes

Pineapple boxes

Price from: £2.75

11cm storage cube

Shabby Chic 11cm Storage Cube

11cm storage Cube

Price: £8.50