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Butterfly Hearts

Shabby Chic Butterfly Stencilled 15cm Chubby Heart

15cm Stencilled Chubby Heart

Price: £7.25

3D heart design mixed sizes

Shabby Chic Chubby Heart With 3D Heart Design

Chubby Heart with 3D Hearts

Price from: £4.95

Shabby Chic LOVE

Shabby Chic Freestanding 'LOVE'

Freestanding Word 'LOVE'

Price: £5.99

French Style Shabby Chic Decorative Trays

Shabby Chic French Style Decorative Trays (Pair)

Shabby Chic Decorative Trays (Pair)

Price: £10.99

Shabby Chic Wine Gift Box

Shabby Chic French Style Wine Gift Box

Wooden Wine gift box

Price: £12.99

Initial Hearts

Shabby Chic Initial Chubby Heart

Shabby Chic Chubby Heart

Price from: £4.95

Shabby Chic Hearts

Shabby Chic Painted Chubby Heart

Shabby chic heart

Price from: £4.95

Perpetual calendar

Shabby Chic Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual calendar

Price: £8.99

Shabby Chic Personalised Chubby Heart

Shabby Chic Personalised Chubby Heart - Photograph.

personalised photograph Chubby Heart

Price from: £5.95

Personalised Teacher Gift

Shabby Chic Personalised Tags

Rustic Tags

Price: £3.00

Shabby Chic Keepsake Box with Tattoo Style Stencilling

Shabby Chic Tattoo design Keepsake Box

Tattoo keepsake box

Price from: £12.99

Shabby Chic Vintage Key Box

Shabby Chic Vintage Style Key Box (Small)

Rustic wooden key box

Price: £13.50

Sisal bag

Sisal Soap Bag

Soap bag

Price: £1.99

Skinny Polka Dot Hearts

Skinny Polka Dot Hearts

Skinny Polka Dot Hearts

Price from: £3.50