Bespoke Wooden Letters

Part of a nameReverse

Fabulous  personalised wooden lettering, handpainted and ready to hang on the wall.

Please contact me via e-mail for a quote.

There are so many variables, thickness and size of lettering, amount of letters, type of decor etc that it is simply not possible to give 'blanket' pricing.

The pictures shown are of customer orders and I will add to the these when possible.

The 'EAT AND DRINK' letters are 9mm thick and 20cm high, handpainted in pale yellow and finished with white polka dots before being sealed with matt varnish.

The 'TIA' letters form part of a name and measure 9mm thick and 15cm high. Handpainted in pink with a decoupaged gingham front.


Special Notes: Add notes to your order regarding this product.